Noble Industries Celebrates 47 Years of Service to customers requiring Metal Fabrication

Noble Industries is a full service sheet, tube, and wire custom metal fabrication company. We specialize in custom carbon steel fabrication along with custom stainless steel fabrication and custom aluminum fabrication. We have been incorporated since 1970 & have a knowledgeable staff in all areas of our operation. Our service include:

  • design and metal fabrication engineering
  • sheet metal fabrication
    • metal cutting
      • laser cutting
      • sheet metal punching
      • tube cutting
      • wire straightening & cutting
      • shearing
      • band saw
      • miter saw
      • drilling
      • notching
    • metal bending
      • press brake forming
      • wire forming
      • panel bending
      • Rondo plate rolling
      • Rondo tube and angle rolling
      • tube bending
      • wire bending
    • welding
      • MIG
      • TIG
      • Robotic
      • Niko Mesh Welding
    • Powder coating finishing
    • Assembly/Packaging
      • Assemble
      • Pemserter
      • Shrink Wrap
      • Bag
    • Ship

Whatever type of metal fabrication project you have, Noble Industries has the employees with the knowledge and the equipment to make your project a success! We get the entire job done right, and on time.

Contact a knowledgeable Noble Industries professional at 800-466-1926 and let us know how we can meet your design, manufacturing, coating, packing, and fulfillment needs.

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