Robotic Welding

Noble Industries continues to be the leader in metal fabrication with the addition of our Genesis Robotic Welding cell with Twin Fanuc Weld Heads.  Robotic welding is used for larger production runs when speed, quality & reduced costs are desired.  

The advantages of the robotic welding are:

  • Speed - the ability to move from one welding area to another quickly which results in the entire part is welded much faster
  • Productivity - robots work is consistent & robots don't get tired and need a break so productivity is enhanced with large production runs
  • Quality - once the fixture and programming is perfected, the welds are more consistent when performed by robotic welding
  • Less Waste - because of the consistency, robotic welding uses less consumerables and less wasted material because of the precise welds
  • Reduced Costs - although the initial investment in robotic welding is more expensive, it pays for itself over time.  With specific production applications, our robotic welding cell can complete 4 times the amount of work that one human can complete.

Robotic welding greatly reduces the part manufacturing cost by:

  • Significantly reducing setup times
  • Increases throughput (both capacity and velocity).
  • Dramatically improves weld quality and consistency/repeatability.
  • Reduces and often eliminates the need for hand finishing of welds.

Noble Industries: Professional Craftsmen and Flawless Execution

Here at Noble Industries our craftsmen are constantly trained and kept up-to-date on the latest metallurgical techniques and have some of the most technologically advanced equipment available. That means customers enjoy precision fabrication and more attention to detail than anywhere else. Our goal is to complete and service every custom metal fabrication job with the most timely, professional, and mistake-free manner possible.

Contact a knowledgeable custom metal fabrication professional at 800-466-1926 and let us know how we can meet your design, manufacturing, coating, packing, and fulfillment needs.

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OmniWall by Noble Industries

In 2019, Noble Industries created a product line for the home, garage and tool organization market. OmniWall is the most versatile wall organization system on the market. 18 gauge galvanneal steel wall panels and over 43 metal one piece accessories. Powder coated in 6 colors that match major hand tool brands, OmniWall meets all your garage organization needs. Shop OmniWall at OmniWallUSA, the best tool organizer.

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