We have three Mazak 3D Lasers & have been laser cutting multi-axis parts since 2003

3D laser cutting works well when customers have parts with unique hole geometries.  Noble Industries has been laser cutting with 6-axis laser cutting since 2003.  Our 3D laser cutting capabilities which means we can cut at any desired angle for weld prep, plus achieve the highest accuracy for easy fit-up of assemblies - all in a single program cycle.  A 3D laser can also take a production stamped part and trim the edges by 3D laser cutting.  Additinally holes that might have been deformed before forming can be added to the formed part.    

Our 3 Mazak Space Gear 3D Lasers have 60" x 120” beds and has an extremely large work envelope which ranges from flat sheets to cube work pieces. The 4000 watt resonator allows for accurate work on a wide range of materials:

  • Carbon Steel up to 1"
  • Stainless Steel up to 0.50"
  • Aluminum to 0.375"
  • Sheet cutting size of 60" x 120"

The compact cutting head is specially designed for minimum work piece interference and allows complex parts to be processed with a minimum of fuss. A new generation resonator has been integrated into the base machine casting ensuring reliable and stable cutting performance. In addition to this is the unique constant beam length delivery system, which provides unsurpassed cutting performance at any location on the work table.

Constant beam length design together with a 64-bit CNC system ensure precise and high-speed cutting.

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Superior Laser Cutting with 8 Lasers and Mazak FMS System

Noble Industries has the best laser cutting capabilities in the Midwest.  We have 6 Mazak 4000 watt laser cutting machines and 1 Mazak 2500 Watt laser & 1 Mazak 1000 laser.  We have the ability to do 3D cutting which can be used for countersinking holes or cutting tube.  Call us to today for laser cutting services.  We can also form your parts, provide welded assemblies and powder coat.  Noble Industries is your 1st choice in all things metal fabrication

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