Sheet Metal Punching is a cornerstone of Noble Industries' commitment to precision in custom sheet metal fabrication. Our methodology revolves around CNC punching, a fast and efficient approach tailored for repetitive shapes and ensuring precise shearing. This process allows us to create custom sheet metal parts and assemblies with a level of accuracy that meets the highest industry standards.

What sets our capabilities apart is the utilization of specialized tools that enhance the efficiency and precision of our sheet metal punching. Cluster tools, designed for rapid punching, along with lance and form tools, contribute to the versatility of our punching operations. Additionally, we employ knockout and dimple tooling to achieve defined features in sheet metal punched parts, showcasing our dedication to delivering components with intricate details and specific characteristics.

Our CNC punching processes are finely tuned to meet tight tolerances and ensure consistency in every punched part. This commitment to excellence extends beyond speed and efficiency, emphasizing the delivery of top-notch quality in every custom sheet metal project we undertake.
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