At Noble Industries, laser cutting defines our core expertise, originating with the acquisition of our first Mazak laser cutter in 1994. Today, our fleet boasts high-powered Mazak lasers ranging from 4000W to 10,000Watt, enabling precise cutting of aluminum, stainless, and carbon steel.

A standout feature is our four Mazak Space Gear Lasers, excelling in creating countersinking holes in thicker materials like 7 gauge and ¼ plate material. Our capacity extends to handling sheets up to 60” x 120”, showcasing versatility in accommodating various project sizes.

Our engineering team optimizes sheet utilization through careful nesting of parts, emphasizing efficiency and sustainable practices by minimizing material waste. The real distinction lies in our innovative approach; we don't just cut sheets but push boundaries by laser-cutting holes and shapes into unconventional structural elements like angle iron, c-channel, and I-beams.
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