CNC panel bending

Noble Industries proudly introduces precision CNC Panel Bending with our cutting-edge Salvagnini P4 panel benders. These state-of-the-art machines redefine industry standards, outperforming turret presses and press brakes in both precision and speed.

Our Salvagnini panel benders autonomously handle the entire process, from loading and referencing to punching and forming, all without human touch until the part is perfectly shaped. This automation not only ensures unparalleled precision but also positions Noble Industries as a preferred supplier for production panel bent parts, including custom metal enclosures, metal cabinets, and metal shelving assemblies in aluminum, stainless steel, or carbon steel.

Versatility is a key feature as our CNC panel benders effortlessly handle drawers with hems and flanges, often eliminating the need for special tooling and simplifying processes. This not only enhances efficiency but also reduces setup time, making Noble Industries the go-to choice for swift, accurate, and hassle-free CNC panel bending solutions.
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