Metal Bending services expand with an Amada ATC

Noble Industries is the expert in metal bending.  We got our start with the owner making aquarium stands part time in a barn in 1968.  This product was created taking coil steel and bending it into angle iron and then he designed and manufacturred a tool that would notch the angle iron so it could be bent by hand to form the metal shelf.   He also created tooling for wire forming sides that created a metal design and metal support on the sides.  

From that product, to metal bending of industrial brackets, Noble Industries became the proven leader in Indiana for metal bending.  Today we bend sheet metal, offer tube and pipe bending, we can make bend channels, angle bending and sheet metal bending and forming to the shapes our customer's require.  

We can handle traditional metal bending on our Amada Press Brakes or our Cincinnati 350 ton 12 foot press brake or bend tube on our SOCO CNC Tube Bender.  If that isn't the bending you need done, we can roll sheet metal or tube through our Rondo Tube and Angle Rolls or Rondo Plate Rolls.  Wire metal bending is completed with our CNC Aim Wire Benders.   We just purchased and will be installing next week a Numalliiance Robomac 3D wire bender.  Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience in metal bending and if it can be bent, we can do it! The Amada HG1003 ATC Servo-Hydraulic has an AMNC 3i Control, Bar Code Reader for fast job set up, TDS (Thickness Detection System), Hydraulic Auto-Crown, and 86' of Tooling storage in the machine. It has Bend Angle Sensing and will form with 110 U.S. Tons of Bending Force.

Metal bending is a manufacturing process that produces various shape along a single axis in ductile materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. Noble Industries has access to the latest press brakes ensuring accurate metal bending and tight manufacturing tolerances.  

Sheet Metal Equipment

Our cutting-edge sheet metal equipment for metal forming and bending includes:

Press Brakes

  • (2) Amada RG100 CNC Press Brake
  • (1) Amada HFE 80-25S Press Brake
  • (1) Amada FBD1025 CNC Press Brake
  • (1) Amada FBD5020 CNC Press Brake
  • (3) Amada RG50 CNC Press Brake
  • (1) Hurco PH 65-25 CNC Press Brake
  • (1) Cincinnati 350T Maxform Press Brake
  • (1) Amada HG1003 ATC Servo-Hydraulic Press Brake

Other Fabrication Equipment

  • (1) SOCO CNC Tube Bender 360 Degree rotating mandrel, 20' length
  • (1) Autosert Programmable hardware Insertion Press
  • (1) Rondo (Three Roll) Tube or Angle Rolls
  • (1) Rondo (Three Roll) Plate Rolls
  • (1) Lockformer 10 Stand rollform
  • (1) Automated Wire Straightener, Cut-off and Forming Machine (custom)
  • (2) Diacro Wire Forming Stations
  • (1) 60 Bliss OBI Press
  • (3) Production Drill Presses
  • (2) CNC AIM Wire Benders
  • (1) Salvagnini Punch & Bend system
  • (1) Numalliance Robomac 3D CNC WIre Bender

Sheet Metal Bending Shapes

Bending and forming metal into shapes has been a part of metal production ever since the first blacksmith flattened a lump of metal into a more useful shape. The metal bending process is capable of producing channel shapes, V-shapes, or U-shapes, and whether the product is as simple as a L shaped bracket or as complicated as a multi-weld vehicle frame chassis part, Noble Industries brings together the highest grade materials and quality craftsmanship that metal bending customers demand.

Common Types of Metal Bending

  • Air Bending - The metal shape is formed by pressing a punch (or top die or upper die) into the sheet metal, forcing the material against a V-die. This type of metal bending produces either a squared shape or a V-shape. Air bending is highly versatile, where the punch and the die do not necessarily have to be of the same exact shape. The elasticity of the sheet metal is as much a determinant of shape as the shape of the die itself. It is called air bending because the bottom die typically has "air space" in between the top die, metal and the bottom die. Air bending is the preferred technique for most metal bending production.
  • Bottom Bending - The metal shape is formed much like in air bending, but the top die pushes the material into the bottom die. The advantages of bottom-type metal bending include its high degree of accuracy and higher likelihood of the metal holding a certain angle (reduced springback). The sheet metal stays in contact with the bottom die at all times ensuring a more accurate press. The disadvantages to bottom bending are that it requires greater tonnage to produce the same shape as in an air bending scenario, and the shape possibilities are not as large as in air bending. Also, a different tool set is required for every material, bend angle, and sheet thickness, making bottoming expensive.
  • Coining - The metal shape is formed by forcing the material into the bottom die with up to 30 times the force of air bending, which causes a permanent deformation of the metal sheet. Springback is virtually nonexistent. The extreme amount of force used contributes to its high cost, making coining much less popular in metal bending production. Coining tends to be used only when a very high degree of accuracy is required.

Choose Noble Industries for the Best in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Noble Industries is the best choice for custom sheet metal bending, wire bending or tube bending. Our craftsmen are highly skilled, our equipment is state-of-the-art, and our metal bending products meet or exceed all customer tolerances. We do the job right, and we do it on time.

Contact a knowledgeable metal bending professional at 800-466-1926 and let us know how we can meet your design, manufacturing, coating, packing, and fulfillment needs.

Feature Service or Item

OmniWall by Noble Industries

In 2019, Noble Industries created a product line for the home, garage and tool organization market. OmniWall is the most versatile wall organization system on the market. 18 gauge galvanneal steel wall panels and over 43 metal one piece accessories. Powder coated in 6 colors that match major hand tool brands, OmniWall meets all your garage organization needs. Shop OmniWall at OmniWallUSA, the best tool organizer.

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